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Globe Temco Swift Specialists

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Swift N80919  s/n 1112

UPDATE:   August 2012
When this project arrived, it had not flown in many years. It was in experimental category to show compliance for the modifications that had been made. The non approved items were removed and the journey to return the plane to standard category was begun. The wheel wells and gear were stripped and painted, the horizontal and vertical were rebuilt, new glass was installed, the 210 Continental was reinstalled with Merlyn's mount and STC. The prop was overhauled. Items that were added to the project include: Aeroplane Factory dual sticks, electric elevator trim, and machined stall strips. Wing aux tanks and gross weight increase were also installed. A new panel was fabricated for the new avionics. The avionics included two Garmin 430's, two Aspen PFD and MFD, and an EI engine display. The aircraft was returned to standard category and a new airworthiness certificate was issued. The GPS units were limited to VFR initially, but all the flight tests and paperwork has been completed and we are waiting for the FAA to grant IFR approval. The new owner has been checked out and the plane is headed for new paint and interior.
Contact diamondswift074@gmail.com for additional information about this project.

Swift N80919 completed and flying.
N80919 Completed and Flying
Swift N80919 left side of the fuselage.
Left Side Fuselage
Swift N80919 wheelwell being painted.
Swift N80919 landing gear installation.
Landing Gear
Swift N80919 old instrument panel.
Old Instrument Panel
Swift N80919 final assembly.
Fully Assembled
Swift N80919 new instrument panel.
New Instrument Panel

Siai Marchetti SF-260 Wings

Occasionally The Aeroplane Factory takes on a non-Swift project. These SF-260 wings came to us with visible corrosion on one spar cap extrusion in the fuel tank area. The wings were disassembled and corrosion was found on all of the spar caps. The spar cap material was analyzed with our Arc Spectrometer to determine the chemical composition of the metal and then a hardness test was conducted to determine the necessary heat treatment. New spar cap angles are not available, so the crew at The Aeroplane Factory will manufacture new ones to the correct dimensions. When the new spar caps have been manufactured the spars will be reassembled and new wing leading edge skins will be made using our Farnham countor roll. The wings will then be placed in a wing alignment jig where the new skins will be fitted and riveted into place.

Finished SF-260 wing.
Finished SF-260 wing.
SF-260 spar cap corrosion.
Spar Cap Corrosion - 2 Locations
SF-260 wing alignment fixture.
Wing Alignment Fixture
SF-260 leading edge wing structure.
Wing Structure

010a.jpg (27038 bytes)
This aircraft was procured in Alaska and trailered down to The Aeroplane Factory. It had a new instrument panel installed. It also received an annual and transponder calibration when the panel was done. This is a clean, straight airframe.  SOLD! April 2006.

  1349.jpg (28066 bytes)
 This aircraft was received without log books. A detailed inspection was done of the aircraft and the paperwork. Some of the installed modifications had to be removed and/or reworked. Field approvals were obtained to the changes in the final configuration.

1302.jpg (24991 bytes)
This aircraft had been on its belly with the gear ripped out when it arrived. The forward floor longerons and skins were replaced. The centersection had ribs and bulkheads replaced as needed and all new skins installed. Before assembly approval was obtained for removal of the fuel tanks and making the centersection wet. Approval was also obtained for flush riveting. Both wings were rebuilt including closing the slots, one piece leading edge and smooth skins between the spars.

78319.jpg (38052 bytes)

S/n 2319. One gear had been ripped out and the plane had gone on its nose. The gearbox and leading edge skin was replaced. The cowl was repaired and parts were painted to match. An engine shop repaired the engine and a new prop was installed.

78053.jpg (27713 bytes)
The belly was replaced from the firewall to station 105. New bulkheads for stations 32, 36, and 65 had to be fabricated. The left side of the centersection had everything aft of the front spar and the gear boxes replaced.

2345b.jpg (26720 bytes)
S/n 3645. The centersection spar caps had intergranular corrosion. The centersection was removed and replaced with an airworthy part.